Discover the diversity of our skills in software engineering


Aprogsys develops innovative tracking and monitoring solutions. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), used for automatic object identification, is one of the technological specialities offered by our engineers.

Ticketing and access controlTraceability and real-time monitoringStandards and protocols

Internet of Things (IoT)

Aprogsys is competent in the creation of sensors and solutions for all types of needs: temperature, weight, location, etc. Our connected objects are used to capture, translate and transmit data within a common network. This information offers the possibility to understand the context of a situation, to build hypotheses and finally to make objects capable of automatically launching actions.

Wide area networksShort range networks

Back office servers and database

Aprogsys' teams support you in the management of your data, and the management of your back office, our experts bring you an optimal control of your tools.

APIWeb Services (REST, SOAP, ...)PHPSymfonyMySQLSQL ServerNoSQL (CouchDb, ...)

Web et applications

Aprogsys' expertise in the Web allows it to offer services for the creation of showcase websites, Market Place, E-commerce, SEO and accessibility. In addition, our experts have naturally specialized in the development of complex Web applications and Smartphone applications.

PrestashopCMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, GatsbyJS, ...)AndroidCross platformIntranetAngularReactJSVueJS

Operating software

Embedded or not, our software can be integrated with any operating system. After having defined the challenges of your needs, our engineers will guide you on the choice of the most suitable solution (software and/or hardware).

C++, Qt, .NET, C#Android NativeJavaSQLite